How important is wedding videography, it’s rise in popularity, and how to find a good one

Wedding Videography was once a task set aside to your uncle who just bought the latest VHS Camcorder. At the end of your special day you would end up with a bunch of shaky footage of one half of the family, and an incoherent story that would take you several hours to watch. It was likely that only the bride and groom would want to watch the mountain of footage to pick out the best moments, which would likely be out of focus and overexposed.

A lot has changed since then!

Wedding videography is now an essential part of any wedding, with couples rating it in the top 5 most important vendors to book for their big day (the other 4 being venue, celebrant, photographer and DJ). This rise in popularity is due to a few factors. With the rise of social media, the popularity of short films has taken over from unedited footage of the whole day. Couples can now relive the best parts of their wedding in as little as 7 minutes. In the right hands this combination of the right equipment (and we don’t mean your Uncle Johns new latest iphone) and creative storytelling can produce an engaging wedding film for everyone to watch, be it the bride and groom, family, friends, or anyone wanting to shed a tear or two.

The most important question is how to choose the one right for you? There are now many videographers who create films in various styles. Some choose to create a composed or manufactured short film where the couple longingly stares at the camera. They may use flashy camera moves to attempt to convey quality. This can often be quite cheesy and in order to capture these shots it’s necessary to do a fair bit of acting throughout your wedding day.

We don’t do that. If you’re after an honest short film that showcases how your day really played out, then get in touch with us at Be Mine Films. We are candid from start to finish. We won’t make you pose or act. We create quality through honest storytelling. It’s your wedding day and we want you to enjoy the whole event without getting you to stare at each other while we film from four different angles, that’s not what your Wedding day is about! 

To see how we’ve created wedding films for hundreds of couples just check out our portfolio page. For any recommendations on the Top 5 vendors for your wedding, check out our preferred suppliers page.