Do I want an unplugged ceremony?

Picture this. Your wedding day has finally arrived. You’re about the walk down the aisle at your wedding ceremony. You see your partner at the other end. However, on either side there is a sea of mobile phones pointed at you. Half your guests are watching this special moment on their phone screen. They are filming and photographing you so they can put your memories on Facebook first. That’s not what you had planned. The good thing is there is another way.

An unplugged ceremony is a celebration where everyone keeps their phones and cameras in their pocket, a celebration where everyone pays attention to the action. The only people capturing the event are the professional videographers and photographers who have been hired to do what they do best.

With the rise of mobile phone technology you would struggle to find a phone on the market today that does not have a camera. There are now feature films and television ads filmed on mobile phones. This does not mean that Auntie Jan will capture a cinematic masterpiece worthy of the big screen. Rather, she will likely film something worthy of the trash bin on the home screen of your computer. And most upsetting is she will miss the true emotional gravity of the biggest moments because her focus was not on you and your partner.

An unplugged ceremony has no negatives. All the people you want involved in the biggest day of your life are all present and enjoying the experience first-hand. All of the photo and video footage captured by the professionals will contain imagery of family and friends loving the moment, and not loving their phone.

The best way to ensure you have an unplugged ceremony is to firstly let your guests know in advance on the invite or in an email. Secondly, before all the proceedings begin have the celebrant announce to the crowd that it is an unplugged ceremony and that mobile phones should be put on silent and kept in your bag or pocket. Have them say there are professional videographers and photographers capturing all the action, so the job of family and friends is to sit back and enjoy.

In order to create an unplugged ceremony you will need vendors you can trust to capture all the best moments (please don’t hire Auntie Jan). Some of our favourite photographers capture amazing candid images that convey all the emotion of the moment. Ben Newnam blah blah blah…
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