Frequently Asked Questions

No Question is ever too silly, if yours isn’t listed below please send us an email or jump on the phone for a chat, we’re always happy to help.

How to enquire about Wedding Videography?

Simply send us an email to or phone us on 0450 608 993.
We’ll check we have your date free and from there we can discuss details of your wedding. We’re also happy to meet in person or over video call if you’d like, it’s really nice for us to get to know you both a little, so that we’re able to really bring out your relationship and personalities in your film.

Do I need Two Videographers to film my Wedding?

Whilst 1 Videographer is great, we are able to capture SO much more footage if there is a second set of hands. Which means there is more to work with when putting your film together.

When a second shooter is put into play (in our Classic & Premium packages) we are able to cover more angles and locations. Whilst you’re getting ready, our second shooter is already at the ceremony capturing your guests arriving, mingling and basically all the special moments that you would otherwise miss… Not to mention a reverse angle of your partner’s face as your walking down the aisle! That shot is always priceless.

For Weddings with 80+ people we do recommend going with 2 Videographers, simply due to the fact that there are going to be more wonderful faces to capture.

What if I need more hours in my preferred package?

No problems at all, we can always add on additional hours to any of our packages. The last thing you want is for us to leave right when your dance floor is about to open! That’s where the best shots happen!

Do you offer Drone Videography?

Ahh I’m so happy you asked! We jump at any chance to use drones, they add a whole other level to your film…. definitely pun intended there…. The footage we are able to get is what turns a great film to a cinematic film, allowing us to capture angles and footage that are just not possible to get from the ground. It’s magic!

How long does it take to receive the Wedding Film? Can I get a Full length edit?

All of our films are manually edited, watching back through every second of your day and pulling out the best bits does take some time…. and lots of coffee…. so we generally allow 6-8 weeks for a finished film.

We can definitely produce a full length edit for you, this generally showcases your prep, ceremony, reception, speeches, dance floor and all the goodness in between.

Do you do Wedding Photography as well?

We’ve worked with some of the best in the industry and often team up to provide couples with a great package deal. We’ve hand picked a few suppliers that we love working with. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to share their details with you.

I’m thinking to get a family member to film the Wedding.

Giving your guests little jobs on the day can be a lovely gesture to make them feel involved. However, filming your Wedding should definitely be left to the pros! Even if cousin Johnny has some camera experience it will remove them from your day completely…. so let your guests be guests, don’t let them watch your day through a lens. Let them mingle with family and friends, relax, have a champas and kick up their heels on the dance floor. Let us do the running around, we live and breathe Weddings, we know what shots work and how to get them.

We’re still undecided if we really need Wedding Videography…

We hear this a lot, it’s a really common question among couples.
We may be a teeny bit biased here but YES, yes you do!!

So much more emotion can be captured through film rather than through still photos (nothing against photos, please do still get these, they are equally as important)

We have had feedback from all of our couples to say they regularly rewatch their Wedding Film, they love reliving the day, laughing, crying, the nerves and the anticipation of what the day had to hold.

Film is also a fantastic way to allow your guests and loved ones who maybe could not attend,` to share in those special memories of the day. Who knows, they may even have a cameo in the film!

Wedding Videography is now considered within the top 5 things that couples book for their wedding, along with Venue, Celebrant/Priest, Photography and Wedding Dress. True Fact:

About 50% of people say “It was the best thing I did.”
45% say: “We didn’t get a video and it’s my biggest regret.” And then a teeny 5% weren’t fussed either way…. so 95% of people either had one or wished they had one.

Can you Travel?

Absolutely, Interstate or International travel is not a problem. There may be a small travel fee involved depending on the location. Get in touch and we’ll be able to provide costs for you.

Everything Else….

Please just get in touch, we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns. Head over to our contact page or email or call 0450 608 993