Kristie Carrick Photography

I’m Kristie. When I’m not snapping smiles and heart eyes, I spend my weekends exploring the National Park, the very same place I have made my home. I have an incredible husband, four medium sized rascals and one doggo nipping at my heels on the reg so I know a thing or two about lovin’.

You see, I feel love hard. So hard, in fact, that I’m well known for the constant leaking of my eyes. I cry when someone wins a gold medal, when contestants say nice things to each other on Masterchef and at the end of watching Grease with my kids upon realising that aging is a real thing that happens. I have shed tears during ever Disney movie ever made. So, when your big days rolls around, you bet I’ll be sobbing the happiest tears there are.

My goal is to take wedding photos that make your heart glow. I want to capture that single happy tear in your loved one’s eye that will speak for years to come. Like fingerprints, no two smiles are the same and I’m there to capture the curves and contours of those you never want to forget.

My approach is laidback and semi-documentary style, with a smidge of guidance where needed. When you choose me as a wedding photographer you choose love behind your lens. You choose portrait sessions cruising to tunes, you choose natural, authentic and emotive captures and you sure as heck choose a good time.

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