How to choose a band for your wedding

Music is critical to dictate the energy of your wedding. At the reception a good playlist can either make or break your dance floor. Your song choice will either keep your quests moving all night long, or leave them glued to their seats.

One way to get everyone moving is to hire a great live band. The sound and energy of a live band can add another level of entertainment to any dance floor. A band with quality tracks and engaging musicians is guaranteed to inspire even your most shy cousin to put on their dancing shoes for a few songs. But be careful… there are loads of musicians out there who would like to play at your reception, but do they all have what it takes to deliver the energy and experience you want to provide your guests? The short answer is no, as there are bands who don’t quite have their act together, so it’s best to be thorough with your selection as the band is a crucial part of determining the feel of the second half of your wedding. If the band doesn’t bring the party to the dance floor, you are left with bums on seats. 

So how do you find the right band for your wedding? Once you have a shortlist of potential bands (which you may have put together through personal recommendations or Google reviews) find out where you can see them live. Most wedding bands also perform at other venues, not just weddings. They may have a regular set at a local pub, they may play as part of a festival, or maybe they play the music for a theatrical performance. Musicians are always finding work across various creative platforms, so getting out and experiencing them live is the best way to see if they are what you want to drive the energy of your reception. Watching a youtube clip is a good start, but nothing reveals the true power of a great band like seeing them live. 

Also, once you have a band in mind, make sure they can play all the songs you want. It’s no good going to see them live if they cannot reproduce the music that means the most to you and your partner.

We’ve seen some awesome bands over the years that have made us want to put down the camera and casually slide onto the dance floor. Our favourite tribute band has to be Never Ending 80s, . They played all the best pop and rock songs from the 80s, and there wasn’t a moment when the bride and groom were not shaking it on the dance floor.
If you want to go all out and we mean blow the pants off every guest, look no further than – If you can catch one of their concerts to check them out definitely book your ticket, better yet if you can snag them away from their world tour for your Wedding then lock than shit down now! They really know how to get a dance floor pumping and keep every guest dancing the night away!