Choosing a Wedding Celebrant Right For You

The celebrant is an important part of any wedding, and one of the first things couples think of when planning their day. But how do you know if the person you choose will do the job you want? Are they suited to run the most important section of the biggest day of your life? I sure hope so!

If there is one vendor you should meet before you tie the knot, it should be the celebrant. The fact is anyone can read a set of notes from a manila folder. Not everyone can do it with the energy, love and fun that you and your partner are feeling at that moment. We’ve seen some celebrants run amazing ceremonies, and their enthusiasm for their craft was clear as could be. The bride and groom were stoked!

You want a celebrant who understands how important the ceremony is to you and your partner, and how much planning has gone into every moment. A celebrant who understands the gravity of the situation, while maintaining an energy right for that moment is a winner! To find a celebrant like this, you need to meet them face to face and just have a chat to see if you get along, and to see if this is someone you can trust.

“The celebrant is in charge of one of the biggest moments of your life, so choose well”

Every wedding ceremony follows a basic pattern with one overreaching goal at the end. However, you can customise the finer details as much as you want. From the vows, to the speeches, to the backstory, and everything in between. As the couple you are in complete control to choose what you want in the ceremony. There are a few lines the celebrant needs to say to make the whole thing legally binding, but other than that it’s all up to you. If you are in any way unsure of how it is all meant to play out, this is what separates the average celebrants from the great ones!

A quality celebrant will be there from the start of the process with all the information you need to build the ceremony you want. They will have various options based on your preferences. Whether religious or not, they have templates and pre-prepared content to suit all personalities. If you want a casual theme or a grandiose love story, a great celebrant will listen and then build the best ceremony for you.

At Shaking Man Films we love working with celebrants who are mindful that videographers and photographers have a job to do too. When we capture your video footage, the best celebrants understand that while they are important during these moments, they are not the focus. You are, and they will move aside so the footage we capture is just you and your partner.

Kathryn, Clare, Glenn and Monty are some of the best in the business. Whether your service is 10 minutes or an hour long, they value each moment as much as you do. To see some examples of their craft, just visit our portfolio or their websites below. 

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